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Dreams of Mine was created to provide you with an inspiring tool for goal creation and completion. By allowing users to connect with others who have the same aspirations, some say Dreams of Mine is Facebook meets the Bucket List.

It is a proven fact that by writing down your dreams you become more motivated and focused on making them become a reality. Take a quick tour of our site and find out why millions of people, worldwide use Dreams of Mine to track their dreams. It's simple and free so why not sign up and get started?

Multiple Lists
Develop multiple lists for specific areas of interest

Personal Profile
When you sign up, you can create a profile similar to Facebook or Myspace

Goal Library
Browse from a list of thousands of existing goals for inspiration and ideas

Connect with Friends
Connect with other people that have the same goals

Your Goals
Create your own goals or select from our library of goals.

What People are Saying
Have a look at what our users and the media are saying about Dreams of Mine

Keep step by step details, contact info, hurdles and costs

Form Groups
Create blogs and forums to talk about your experiences

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