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About Us

I guess I'll tell you a little bit about me before I get too far into detail about Dreams of Mine (DoM). My name is Geoff Vail, one of the co-founders of GE Motivation Inc., the parent company of Dreams of Mine. Although I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I always said that I would never be an "employee" and try to be self employed. For the most part, this has been the case. With self employment, it wasn't always known when or how big the next pay cheque was going to be but it provided me with a flexible lifestyle. In 2008 I was offered a job at a company that specialized in biogas purification; the same company my partner (and long time friend) for GE Motivation Inc. worked for. Six months after starting the job, Mitch mentioned to me the idea for a goal setting website. On my computer, along with countless other business ideas, I had a folder with a similar idea. From that, Dreams of Mine evolved.

In late 2008, the two of us set out to create a website that allowed users to keep track of their "dreams" while sharing them with friends and family. Coming from an Engineering background which provided us with an analytical and systematic approach to solving problems, we applied these same step by step principals to goal setting.

Although there are several existing tools available for goal setting, DoM provides a unique way to interact with others who share common interests. The social networking aspect of the site can allow you to form groups for certain activities and get advice on completing your goals. Our studies show that if you make your goals public, you'll feel positive peer pressure to complete them. Even if you choose not to make your lists public, DoM is a perfect tool for keeping lists of goals you'd like to reach.

Our hope is that you will use this site on a daily basis to keep track of your dreams and goals in order to live a better, more fulfilling life. Sharing with others will help you achieve what you set out to do and motivate others to do the same.


Geoff Vail

Motivation Inc. Directors

Mitch LeBlanc

Mitch hiking

Probably sitting at his computer eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, this New Brunswick born co-founder of GE Motivation Inc. cooked up the idea for Dreams of Mine. Although an academic genius, Mitch also strived to be an entrepreneur, continuously thinking of new business ventures. Graduating on a scholarship from Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick he went on to do a Masters in Nanotechnology in Hong Kong and Sydney. Mitch now lives in Vancouver working as a Design Engineer for a company that specializes natural gas converted diesel engines.

As CEO of GE Motivation Inc., Mitch is responsible for the architecture and functionality of Dreams of Mine. Having completed most of the initial framework for the site, he will pass this on to 3rd party developers and focus more on the day to day operations of the business.

To contact Mitch email him at Mitch's email or click here.

Geoff Vail

Geoff golfing

Self-referred to as a car washing, day trading wedding photographer, Geoff was also born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Looking for amore entrepreneurial path after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Geoff moved to Vancouver. Geoff was self employed for nearly 6 years with businesses ranging from wedding photography to day trading before accepting an engineering job. Although his businesses were successful, the opportunity to learn a new skill set was too much to pass up and he became a jet-setting engineer for a world leader in bio-gas purification.

As the CFO GE Motivation Inc., Geoff will provide leadership and coordination in the business planning and budgetary efforts of the company.

To contact Geoff email him at Geoff's email or click here.

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