Sharing goals with your friends:

Goal sharing allows you and a friend (or many friends!) to edit the same goals.
If you own a goal, you may share it with your friends, which will allow them to add
steps, changes images, edit information, and more. Working with a friend on a goal
can help you achieve it sooner!

STEP 1: Click on the collaborate button on the steps page:

STEP 2: The share page should present a list of your friends and a text box.
Select which friends you would like to share your goal with. Hold the CTRL button on
your keyboard while clicking to select multiple friends.

When you share a goal, Dreams of Mine will email an invitation to your friends. To
include a personalized message, enter it in the text box.

(Note that you must already have added your friends before you can invite them to
work on your goals with you.)

STEP 3: When you are ready to send your invitation, click the "invite" button!

If everything works, you should see a success message, and a small table should be
shown below, indicating which friends you've invited, and what the status of their collaboration is.

Status can be:
Waiting - which means they have not yet accepted or rejected your offer
Accepted - meaning they have accepted your offer and can now also edit your goal
Rejected - meaning they have rejected your offer, and don't want to collaborate.

To prevent spamming, note that you cannot re-invite a friend who has rejected an offer.
Contact us if you would like to cancel an accidental rejection!

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